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How to attend a Zoom webinar

The Zoom webinar feature is intended for the presentation of information with limited interaction from participants.You can join any Zoom webinar by clicking the meeting URL, or by entering the meeting ID into the Zoom Web Portal, the desktop app, or mobile app.

Join a Webinar via URL

‍  1    Click the Webinar URL provided by the host (after you have registered for the event, you will receive this by email on the day of the broadcast)

‍    2    Follow the prompts to download and install the Zoom desktop application.

NOTE: You will need to download and install the Zoom desktop application to use meeting chat and participate in polls.

NOTE: Mobile app interfaces will appear differently but contain most of the same functionality. For help with using Zoom on iOS and Android devices, visit the

Mobile section of the Zoom Help Center

Adjust Audio Settings

Only the host and panelists can talk in a webinar.However, you can adjust your speaker settings.

‍    1    Click the Audio Settings button in the lower left to check your speaker settings.

Interacting in a Webinar

In a Zoom webinar, you can interact with the host, co-hosts, and panelists by raising your hand, typing in chat, or typing in Q&A if the host has enabled those features in the webinar.

Raise Your Hand

‍    1    Click the Raise Hand button at any time to indicate to the host and panelists that you have a question.

‍    2    To lower your hand, click the Lower Hand button.

Send Messages with Chat

Chat is a feature that is controlled by the webinar host. The host can choose to allow participants to chat with everyone, only panelists and hosts, or with no one.

‍    1    Click the Chat button to open the chat panel.

‍    2    Type your message in the Text box at the bottom of the panel.

‍    3    Press Enter to send your message.

Ask Questions with Q&A

If enabled by the host, you can pose questions to the host and panelists using the Q&A feature. The host or panelist may choose to respond to you privately or send your question and answer to everyone in the webinar. (See picture showing Q&A question displayed with private answer)

‍    1    Click the Q&A button to open the window.

‍    2    Type your response to the question in the text field.

‍    3    If you want your question to be anonymous, check the Send Anonymously checkbox.

‍    4    Click Send.

Leave a Webinar

‍    1    Click the X in the upper-right corner of the window to exit the webinar.

‍    2    Click the Leave Meeting button in the dialog box.

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