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NEWS | Jazmin Chiodi appointed Artistic Director of Dublin Dance Festival 

Some changes at the head of Tipperary Dance Platform 

Dublin Dance Festival (DDF) has appointed Jazmin Chiodi as its new Artistic Director. Since 2008, Jazmin has been Co-director of Tipperary Dance Platform, a position that she will leave the 31 July 2021. See DDF’s official announcement here

DDF's appointment brings to the helm of this pivotal national organisation an artist and curator who has been developing her talents and experience for over 12 years in Tipperary, creating art works, developing programs for local communities and for artists, presenting art works and gaining national and international exposure.

What started as a short-term artistic residence has become a full-fledged, year round program: in 2008, Jazmin Chiodi and Alexandre Iseli founded the Tipperary Dance Platform and the TDP' International Dance Festival. Alexandre and Jazmin have established lasting links with local communities, local authorities, the Arts Council, local venues as well as national institutions and international organisations.

Born and raised in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Jazmin is first and foremost a dance artist. She has created a portfolio of work that includes choreographic pieces, dance films and documentaries, created in collaboration with choreographer Alexandre Iseli. Iseli-Chiodi's works have been presented in Ireland and across Europe, North America, Latin America and Africa. The company has received a number of commissions, the most prestigious of which, was the production of a piece commissioned by Dublin Dance Festival and presented inside the GPO in Dublin in 2016 as part of the commemoration of the proclamation of Irish Independence.

Through its programs for professional artists, Jazmin and Alexandre have made Tipperary Dance Platform an organisation of strategic influence in the national professional sector. Conceived and carried at arm's length by two artists for more than a decade, the program relies on the highest artistic quality, a strong commitment to the community and a warm hospitality in the purest Irish tradition. 

Tipperary Dance Platform is now directed by Alexandre Iseli, and will deliver the programme curated together with Jazmin Chiodi for the TDP’21 International Dance Festival, this October.

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